Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which browsers do you support?

With exceptions, Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6 or higher, because these versions support "strong" encryption. (Encryption allows us to encode your information so that no one else on the Internet can read it.) Note that You must be using 128 bit encryption, and it must be turned on in your browser. (See your browser's online help for more information.) Javascript must be enabled in your browser. Normally, it's turned on by default, although you can disable it. (See your browser's online help for more information.) Exceptions, as noted above, include: We recommend Macintosh users who wish to use IE upgrade to the most current version. We recommend Netscape users upgrade to the most current version.

2. What information do I need to set up a bill for electronic payment?

Before creating a new enrollment, gather the following information: Guarantor Last Name, Account number as it appears on the patient statement, Last 4 digits of guarantor social security number, Guarantor date of birth, Guarantor home zip code, Guarantor phone number.

3. When I try to display a bill, all I see is a little symbol. What could be the problem?

Your documents are stored as Adobe PDF files, and you may not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed. To correct this problem, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

4. What if I decide not to pay a bill online anymore?

You are not required to pay online just because you receive a bill electronically. Simply do not make the payment online.

5. The balance due on my bill doesn't seem to be right. What should I do?

Contact customer service for all questions about your account balance at (216) 445-6249 or (866) 621-6385.

6. Can I print a bill?

Yes. After displaying the bill, select the Print command from the File menu or press the "Ctrl" and "P" key simultaneously.

7. What if my payment account does not have sufficient funds to cover a payment?

We make withdrawals authorized by you from the checking account that you designate as the payment account. As with any payment account, you must provide sufficient funds to cover all payments. Since we have no knowledge of your account balance at any time, we cannot notify you if your payment account has insufficient funds. There may be additional charges for payments attempted against accounts with insufficient funds.

8. What if I forget my user ID or password?

Please click on "forgot your password" and enter your email address. A new password will be sent to you via email. Once you sign-in you will be prompted to create a new password.

9. What if I change my email address?

To change your email address, click the MyProfile link from the menu. Now click on "Edit My Contact Information". Then click on the email address to change it. Use the new email address next time you sign on.

10. What if I change bank accounts?

You can create a new payment account or change your existing payment account at any time. You may then need to select the new payment account as your default payment account and delete the old payment account, if you are no longer using it.

11. Is it safe to pay bills online using your service? Can my personal information be seen by others?

We are committed to protecting your personal information. (For details about our privacy policy, click on Privacy link at the bottom of the screen.) In addition, whenever you are viewing or paying bills, you are using a secure connection that fully protects your information. Data you provide cannot be viewed by anyone else on the Web. We do not share your information with anyone else. Security is maintained by industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption and decryption technology. The SSL protocol is used to ensure that your information is sent directly to us, and that only we can decode it.

12. Do you use cookies?

We do not use cookies.

13. What kind of access do you have to my checking or savings account?

We ONLY have access to your account to make payments that you have authorized. We never access your payment account(s) without your authorization and, as noted above, we never have information about your account balance.

14. I enrolled but have not received the email confirmation?

Check your junk mail or spam filter. It may take longer then anticipated due to the heavy traffic of the site. It may take up to 20 minutes.

15. I made a payment and have not received confirmation?

Make sure all pop up blockers are turned off or disabled.

16. Do I have to enroll to pay online?

No, simply click on (MAKE A QUICK PAYMENT ONLINE ), enter your account number and 5 digit zip code from the bill you are paying.

17. I keyed in my user ID and password and got an error?

Please verify that the account is registered and the user ID and password you are entering matches the information you entered when the account was created. If the account was not previously registered, click on "Sign up for MyAccount Online" to create the online profile. If the account was previously registered, contact to confirm that the active online profile is attached to the account information.

18. I cannot view my statement online?

You can only view statements if they are active with a patient balance or have pending charges with insurance.

19. When I try and make a payment a prompt pops up as no match?

Please verify the user ID and password you used to login to the account. If the account was not previously registered, you may click on "Sign up for MyAccount Online" to create the online profile, or click on "Make A Quick Payment Online" to make an online payment using our Quick Pay service without entering an email address or password.

20. I do not see the payment I just made on my account?

eCheck, credit cards and mail payments will appear in your next statement cycle. If the payment made a zero balance on your account then your statement will still be available online, however, a hardcopy statement will not be produced and mailed.

21. I am not able to make changes to MyAccount?

If you have had no activity on your account you cannot make changes (Please call the customer service department at (216) 445-6249 or (866) 621-6385).

22. Do I have to enroll all my accounts individually?

Yes. The MyAccount system requires that each patient account has a separate online profile using individual email addresses and passwords.

23. Can I create one profile to include all my family members?

No. The MyAccount system does not allow the linking of patient accounts. Please enroll each patient account using individual email addresses and passwords.

24. My wife and I each receive a separate bill. Can we access both accounts through one MyAccount Profile?

No. Not at this time. Each individual responsible party must enroll using separate email addresses and passwords to create individual online profiles.